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Save $20 When You Book Online!

*valid on 1/4 truckload or more

Save $20 When You Book Online!

*valid on 1/4 truckload or more


Bin86Junk is your locally-owned New Westminster junk removal service. Working with residential and commercial customers, our team handles every step of the process to keep your property clean and junk-free.

From excess clutter to renovation debris and general rubbish removal, if it needs to go, we have just the guys to do it. Just tell us what needs to go, and we will pick it up, load it, and haul it to the proper disposal site.

Our professional, efficient, and friendly team of junk-hauling experts will meticuously sort your unwanted items, ensuring proper disposal and recycling. Reap the benefits of a clean space as our dedicated crew guarantees a mess-free zone. With Bin86Junk, every pickup holds the promise of perfection.

New Westminster Junk Removal

Furniture Removal. Out with the old, in with the new. Refresh your space by clearing out old furniture in your home or office with our reliable junk removal services. We handle:

  • Mattresses, Couches, Dressers, Box Springs, Sofa Beds
  • Tables, TV Sets, Wall Units
  • Filing Cabinets, Patio Furniture, Exercise Equipment, Pianos
  • Cubicles, Office Chairs, Desks

Appliance Removal. Upgrading your bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room? Get all the junk out, so you can introduce updated appliances. We’ll pick up and load all sorts of appliances, including your:

  • Refrigerator, Freezer, Stove
  • Computer, Monitor, Television
  • Washer, Dryer, Oven, Microwave, Dishwasher
  • Water Tank, Hot Tub, Jacuzzi

Demolition Services. If you have large items that you need disassembled, hauled, and discarded, we’re the New Westminster junk removal company you can rely on. We have experience with:

  • Demolition of Play Sets
  • Demolition of Sheds
  • Flooring Removal, Fence Removal, Deck Removal, Wall Removal
  • Removal of Concrete Slabs
  • Removal of Above Ground Pools

Debris Clearing. Our rubbish removal services ensure your home, commercial building, or construction site are free of old junk. Our junk disposal team can discard and recycle:

  • Bathtubs, Toilets, Construction Debris, Counter Tops
  • Scrap Wood, Flooring, Drywall, Shingles
  • Concrete, Plaster, Brick, Carpet, Yard Waste

Cost of Junk Removal in New Westminster

At Bin86Junk, we’re not just another name among junk removal companies; we set the bar for affordable and excellent service in New Westminster and beyond. Our unwavering commitment to transparency is reflected in our pricing, and here’s why our customers always feel valued:

  • Free, No-Obligation Quotes: Point out the trash or stuff you want gone, and our super-friendly team will promptly provide a free, no-obligation quote.
  • All-Inclusive Pricing: From our dedicated crew’s labour to the trucks we use for hauling, our estimate covers it all, including disposal fees. Zero surprises, zero waste left behind!
  • Hassle-Free Payment Options: Be it cash, card, or Square, we ensure the payment process is as smooth as our service delivery.
  • Unwavering Quality: Our competitive rates never compromise on quality. Expect top-notch service each time, every time.

With Bin86Junk, experience the perfect blend of transparency in pricing and unmatched junk removal in New Westminster.


We understand how busy life can get. That’s why we organize our schedule around yours. We have designed a great service around our customers’ needs to ensure your New Westminster junk removal is fast, efficient, and without complications. Here’s how we do it…

  • Talk to the Experts Directly. If you have questions, want to gather insights, need a free quote on services, or want to book an appointment, just dial (604)-259-1386. You’ll be talking to our team directly, without holds or hesitation.
  • Fast Response Time. Whatever you need, we respond quickly. Whether you need details about our junk removal service or have questions about your appointment, just reach out, and we’ll be in touch in no time.
  • Flexible Hours. From the weekdays to the weekend, we offer flexible scheduling to ensure your busy lifestyle is prioritized. Plus, if you have a last-minute junk removal emergency, don’t fret. Our team offers short-notice bookings.

Why Choose BIN86JUNK?

  • Local Dedication: Proudly rooted in the New Westminster area of British Columbia, Bin86Junk understands and caters to the unique needs of the Lower Mainland communities. We’re not just about garbage; we’re about making a difference.
  • Tailored Approach: We recognize the nuances of each task and offer a personalized approach to get rid of every last bit of unwanted junk on your property.
  • Utmost Professionalism: Whether tackling green waste from your garden or debris from construction sites, our professional crew has the extensive training and experience to ensure exceptional service to cater to every challenge.
  • Outstanding Value: Our competitive pricing comes with a promise of value. Our cost-efficient services do not undercut our quality of work and sustainable practices. Whenever possible, we aim to recycle and donate unwanted goods to propel sustainability in British Columbia.

Efficient Junk Removal Services in New Westminster, BC

Appliance Removal Services

Renovating your space? Before upgrading your appliances, make space by clearing all the old junk you no longer need. Our junk removal services ensure your appliances are efficiently removed, sorted, and disposed of. Gain peace of mind, and more space, knowing your appliances have been professionally handled.

Appliance Removal Services in New Westminster
New Westminster Cleanout Services

Cleanout Services

Overwhelmed by the clutter in your New Westminster home or building? Let our New West junk disposal team help you reclaim your space, ensuring a tidy, clutter-free setting. On top of expert removal, we also donate usable items to community charities whenever possible. Say goodbye to excess and hello to square-footage freedom!

Estate Cleanout Services

Managing estates in New Westminster can be an emotionally challenging undertaking. We’re here to ease that burden by offering comprehensive junk disposal and estate cleanout services. Let us handle the heavy lifting, ensuring properties are ready for their next phase, allowing you to concentrate on what truly counts.

Estate Cleanout Services in New Westminster, BC
Commercial Junk Removal Services

Commercial Junk Removal Services

From offices to retail stores, business spaces experience clutter too. Whether you have outdated equipment, old stock, or unused furniture, our junk removal team will clear out unwanted clutter to help your business operate more efficiently. Increase productivity and streamline your services with our commercial junk removal.

Construction Junk Removal Services

When it comes to junk removal, New Westminster is full of construction sites requiring professional hauling and disposal. Our company will ensure every last piece of debris, garbage, and sign of construction is hauled away and properly disposed of. Keep your construction site clean, hazard-free, and optimized with Bin86Junk.

Construction Junk Removal Services in New Westminster, BC
Furniture Junk Removal

Furniture Junk Removal

Hauling old furniture can be burdensome, especially when you’re unsure of proper disposal methods. Bin86Junk offers furniture junk removal solutions in New Westminster, seamlessly clearing spaces and ensuring eco-friendly disposal practices, giving your home a fresh start.

Garage Cleanout Services

Over time, garages can become cluttered storage spaces, limiting utility and efficiency. With our specialized garage cleanout services, Bin86Junk declutters and rejuvenates these areas, turning chaotic spaces back into functional ones, free from unnecessary junk.

Garage Cleanout Services
Hot Tub Removal Services

Hot Tub Removal Services

Hot tubs, once symbols of relaxation, can become cumbersome when outdated or broken. Bin86Junk expertly removes and disposes of old hot tubs, ensuring residents can enjoy their oasis of tranquillity or upgrade without the hassle of hot tub removal.

Mattress Removal Services

Old mattresses, while comfortable, can be a pain to dispose of. And since their cumbersome size occupies significant space, they’re not a piece of furniture you want lying around. However, you can rest easy knowing our mattress removal service in New Westminster ensures these bulky items are removed efficiently and disposed of responsibly.

Mattress Removal Services
Yard Waste Removal Services in New Westminster

Yard Waste Removal Services

Piles of green waste can diminish the aesthetics and utility of outdoor spaces. Bin86Junk handles yard waste removal, ensuring gardens and lawns remain pristine and free from unwanted debris, promoting healthier outdoor living.

Light Demolition Services

Some renovations require minor demolition, but managing the aftermath can be daunting. Bin86Junk’s light demolition service simplifies this process, safely tearing down structures and ensuring all debris is cleared, setting the stage for your next project.

Light Demolition Services

Locations We Service

Spanning the vibrant heart of New Westminster, Bin86Junk proudly offers top-tier junk removal services to various neighbourhoods. Whether you’re in historic Queen’s Park, bustling Downtown, serene Brunette Creek, picturesque Queensborough, or the lively West End, we’ve got you covered. From Sapperton’s charm to Connaught Heights’ allure, and the tranquillity of Kelvin to Victory Heights’ vibe, our “junk removal New Westminster” service ensures every corner of the city remains clutter-free and revitalized.



Call us at 604-259-1386 or email us at info@bin86junk.ca for your instant services quote today!

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