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BIN86JUNK is the local company that is ready to haul away old appliances for you!

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Save $20 When You Book Online!

*valid on 1/4 truckload or more

Save $20 When You Book Online!

*valid on 1/4 truckload or more

Full-Service Used Appliance Pickup

Appliance removal in Metro Vancouver is as simple as calling BIN86JUNK and letting us know you need our assistance. We’ll provide you with an appointment as soon as today or tomorrow. See you soon!

  • Full-service. Our pros do all the heavy lifting so you can do none of it. Take a break!
  • Eco-friendly. We don’t throw out appliances when we can recycle them instead.
  • Professional. Our courteous staff will make you feel comfortable and cared for!
Bin86Junk hauling off old junk

Our Appliance Haul Away Services

Thanks to our appliance removal experts, you won’t even have to break a sweat when trying to get rid of your old appliances.

  • We arrive on time. Understandably, your time is valuable, which is why we won’t waste it. Expect us to show up on time and get the work done quickly, too.
  • We’ll haul it all. Appliances are heavy, and that’s no secret. However, with our multi-person teams and our equipment, we’ll make appliance hauling look easy.
  • Finishing touches. After we’ve removed your appliance, we’ll sweep up where it once stood before heading out to work on the disposal process.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re getting rid of one appliance or several. We’ll always treat you right so you can have a smile on your face just like us!

Cost of Old Appliance Pickup

How much does it cost to get rid of your appliances with us? Not as much as you might think.

  • The amount of truck space your appliances take up determines how much you pay.
  • We’ll figure out this “volume-based” price from the start and tell it to you upfront.
  • Once you approve our quote, our appliance removal pros will remove your appliance!
  • At the end of your appointment, pay the price you agreed to earlier. No hidden fees!

We Remove Old Appliances!


You can get rid of an old fridge without ever lifting a finger with our assistance. Just point us to the refrigerator, and we’ll pick it up and haul it out the door.


Removing a dishwasher is no problem for our professional crew. If you need to get rid of it fast, ask us about our same-day and next-day appointments.


An old oven or stove that doesn’t work anymore has no reason to stick around your home or business. We’ll remove it fast so you can shop for another.

Washing Machine

When the washing machine won’t spin, your head will begin to. Don’t give yourself a headache. Instead, contact us and let us know that washer’s got to hit the road.


When a freezer goes kaput and everything inside of it thaws out, it can be extremely frustrating! We can remove it right away so you can replace it as soon as possible.

And More

Appliances are super easy to say goodbye to when you’re not the one who has to do the physical labor. Let BIN86JUNK save the day for you. You’ll be glad you did!


The Appliance Removal Process

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Don’t need it? 86 IT! You can get started with us by booking online or calling us at 604-259-1386.

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When we’re almost at your location, we’ll give you a phone call so you know to expect us. See you in a bit!

Bin86Junk trucks haul it all


We will take your appliance, haul it out the door, and load it onto our truck. In no time at all, it’s like it was never even there.



You can have us remove your appliances in all sorts of Metro Vancouver locations, including Burnaby, Coquitlam, Port Moody, and Vancouver itself!

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