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Is your old couch taking up too much space? Hire BIN86JUNK for our sofa removal services today, and let us help out!

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Save $20 When You Book Online!

*valid on 1/4 truckload or more

Save $20 When You Book Online!

*valid on 1/4 truckload or more

Couch Removal Services
In Vancouver

Junk removal doesn’t have to be stressful, especially when you have cleanout professionals like us at your service. We offer a range of furniture removal services. Additionally, our professional conduct makes us the best choice for removal services.

  • Cautious. We handle all of our client’s property with care, regardless of whether new or old.
  • Local. We proudly serve the communities in and around Metro Vancouver.
  • Fast. You can count on our sofa removal team to show up on time and ready to work.

Why Our Couch Removal Services?

Couches can be heavy to lift, and it’s easy to get injured in the process. Why not let professional furniture removers like BIN86JUNK handle the task for you? You’ll find our team very friendly and willing to assist any time. We also work with local communities and consider them to be neighbors rather than money-making projects.

  • We handle all of your sofas with care, and you don’t have to worry about damage to any of your other furniture or the premises.
  • We also work quietly and are very cautious about the potential to disturb your neighbors. We are sure to work carefully and maintain a low volume in your residence.
  • Our professional team won’t interfere or bother you while you work.
  • Our 24/7 availability makes us reliable, even for late calls.

Couch Removal Cost

The cost to remove a couch doesn’t have to scare you, as you’ll find our quotes to be quite affordable. Here’s what you should expect from our pricing model:

  • Charge by the weight – You only pay for the weight of the couch and not its physical size. You can always expect to save money by choosing BIN86JUNK, especially if you have lighter couches.
  • No hidden fees – We won’t bombard you with any hidden charges, as we disclose all the fees involved beforehand.
  • Custom tailored quotes – We give you the control by customizing our quote based on the couch you have.



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